Tips to Prepare New York Strip Steak for Grilling

So you have recently spruced up your outdoor patio, and now it looks as good as new. You certainly don’t want to let this precious space go to waste, so you invite a select group of family and friends over for an outdoor barbecue the next Sunday. Unfortunately, you have a full calendar in the week ahead as you have clients coming over, but thankfully, you can easily order your New York Strip Steak, the best cut for barbecue, through an online butcher store.

However, an online store won’t grill the steak for you on the day of the event, and you need to work in this arena. Don’t worry as there are easy tips to prepare your steak for grilling to bring out its flavor even more. You can start by seasoning the steak by lightly brushing it with olive oil and maybe adding some salt and fresh cracked pepper; see to it that you don’t add too much as this can alter the taste.

After seasoning, you can prepare the grate by heating it first—this will help ensure your steak is barbecued to the fullest to delight your guests’ taste buds. Afterward, you also need to oil the grate. This doesn’t necessarily have to mean you need to use oil; a useful trick is to hold a piece of excess fat from the steak and then rub it on the grate. 


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